• Shannon Murray


Things I want you to know that I know

I believe psychology is not always like the hard sciences or maths where there are concrete right and wrong answers. Sometimes there are - but often, psychology is more subjective.

I write from my clinical perspective after studying psychology, being trained as a therapist, and seeing clients AND I also acknowledge that I write from my personal biases because I am still me - with my life story and all of the things the experiences that have shaped who I am to this point. I don't believe it is possible for any therapist or any human being to ever be totally objective so I don't want to pretend or mislead you that just because I am a therapist, I have this magical ability to come to any of these topics I write about objectively.

When my clients ask me for advice, I do give it but I make sure I also tell them that if they lined up 10 psychotherapists, they would likely hear 10 different perspectives because most of the time, when it comes to the nuances of our lives and human emotions, there is not one correct answer.

When I write about the psychology in F1 (or any sport or event in the media), I recognize that from what I watch on the broadcasts and read in articles, I probably get 1% out of 100% of what goes on in the world of F1(if I'm lucky!). I see what Netflix shows me and what different news sources report and I understand that those sources often have their own biases.

So, please know that:

1.) I humbly acknowledge this &

2.) I don't presume to completely understand the psychology of any individual I write about

I write about F1 racing because I think it is a fascinating sport from a psychological perspective because there is so much intensity and emotional engagement between the teams and the drivers. F1 is dripping with psychology in a visible and palpable way unlike any other sport I have seen.

I have a HUGE love of sports and have since I was little. If I could retire, I would alternate my time between laying on a tropical beach reading and swimming in the ocean and attending sporting events. I would travel sometimes too of course (and I have always imagined that I would like going to music concerts but I have never really gone to one in my life so I don't really know...)

I also write about movies, tv shows, events, and people in the public eye because all of this is so influential in American culture and in broader world culture. I sort of view this, on the one hand, as a negative but on the other hand, it is what it is and like it or not, it is how the world is spreading information and connecting. I figure, we might as well use the material we see and analyze and learn from it because in that way, we are socially engaged and asking questions instead of just thoughtlessly ingesting what we see in the media.

So I encourage you to email me anytime if you read something I post that confuses you or that you disagree with or if you have any questions because I am happy to discuss any issues that arise from my posts. Ultimately, I went into the field of psychology to support people so hopefully, there will be things on here that can help!