What drives my work as a therapist is my fundamental belief that all of us have challenges and it is how we handle these challenges - how we view them and deal with them - that ultimately determines how fulfilling our lives can be.


I want to help you face your challenges with strength and, even more importantly, with self-compassion so you can live your best life. 


I have found that all of us can fall into negative patterns of thinking or behaving. We can feel stuck in negative relationships and the keys to breaking these negative cycles are that we first need awareness and understanding. Then, we can begin to feel and act differently. We can make better choices. We can surround ourselves with healthier relationships. We can create new patterns that serve us and expand our lives instead of constraining us.  


I work with individuals, families, couples, teens and college students. I am a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP) and support clients who experience anxiety, panic attacks, worry, and self-doubt. I also work with individuals who deal with grief and loss. 

I help families learn how to communicate in more positive and healthy ways. I see couples who want to focus on sexual and relational intimacy issues as well as co-parenting, separation, and divorce.


My goal is to support you through your specific challenges and help you develop self-reliance and self-confidence so that you can experience every day with more positivity and contentment.

Please feel free to call me for an

initial consultation and we can talk about

what you would like to improve in your life and how I can help you!









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Shannon D. Murray  MA, MFT

She, Her, Hers  

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #115204

Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP)